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TRACK: Jellyfish Song


Sway, sway, swaying,

in between the waves…

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Koujaku channeling the spirit of Eren Jäger

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that’s a nice ship you have there but do they punch each other in the face

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im afraid your son is completely obsessed with birds…we cannot bring him back…im sorry…he is a lost caws

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Kohske’s a bit surprised at all the birthday wishes for Doug she’s been receiving, but she’s very appreciative of them!

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revisited some old designs!!

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you know you’ve been watching too much anime lately when you have to stop your geek ass from putting your hands behind your head and your elbows in the air when you’re out in public

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Dramatical Murder
Dramatical Murder Re:Connect
Dramatical Murder Re:Code
Dramatical Murder: Chain of Memories
Dramatical Murder 358/2
Dramatical Murder: Birth By Sleep
Dramatical Murder 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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its kinda stang e

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