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#spoilers for professor layton vs phoenix wright

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ARTIST: Arcade Fire
TRACK: Joan of Arc
ALBUM: Reflektor

Joan of Arc - Arcade Fire
Now they tell you that you’re their muse
Yeah, they’re so inspired
But where were they when they called your name
And they lit the fire?
When the voices came, you cut your hair
But you’re still confused
But I’m the one with a heavy heart
Cause I’ll follow you

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hello yes i am here for the nuzzles and the hand holding yes im ready t ogo

hell neatooo lets do this !! im so glad what would i do without u

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someone let me hold ur hand and nuzzle my head on your shoulder

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drew more happy hisalisa because no one is going to die SHHh especially not these two. NOPE. also i love twelve’s anklet ; 3 ;

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Let us also not forget about the early concepts for Hershel Layton, being drawn in Ace Attorney’s style for PLvsAA

Never forget that we almost had buff daddy Layton

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lazulean said: Tu manques à mon dash <3 Comment vas-tu depuis le temps ? *w*

Awww <3 Ça va super bien, merci !! et toi ? comment étaient les vacances ? *O*

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